About Our Company

CommonSense QuickBooks Coaching specializes in setting up QuickBooks to tell you what you need to know.  

Vickie  specializes in setups for Farm & Ranch and Interior Design Professionals. In addition to managing the finances for our family farm, she has owned and operated a custom drapery workroom.  

Sandy specializes in restaurants, interior designers & family counseling practices.  

Although we specialize, we do work with many other industries.  Every industry has its own unique challenges and language, and QuickBooks can be customized to handle each industries specific issues.  Tell us what you need to know and we can customize your QuickBooks to give you that information.

We are not accountants and we have never played one on TV 🙂  We  bring QuickBooks training to our customers in real words, simple concepts, so you don’t have to get an accounting degree to do your accounting.  Save your time and let us setup your QuickBooks just right for you. One size fits all, is only true, when it has been “tweaked” to custom fit you.